Posted by: RaeAn | 29 June 2010

On The Move…

Wow, it’s been a whirlwind past two weeks since my last post.

I finished up my work on Capitol Hill, and said goodbye to all of my coworkers; it was bittersweet. I’m going to miss working with them, and working in the secular nonprofit world was certainly a fantastic learning experience. My last day was on a Tuesday; on Monday, a bunch of us went to happy hour at 18th Amendment, a fun bar on Pennsylvania Ave, and on Tuesday, my boss got a cake and I got to say goodbye to everyone, including all the interns. I loved working with all of the interns… that must have been my favorite part of the job, working with such an enthusiastic group of college students who were so interested in what we did, in politics, and in learning as much as they could from our staff.

I also had my goodbye party at my apartment… a bunch of people came that I wasn’t expecting to show up, which was great, and the people who couldn’t come to that wen tot dinner with me later in the week at Tiffin (my favorite Indian restaurant). A good chunk of the ballroom team came to one or both… I’m really going to miss them, and ballroom dancing. I doubt I’ll be able to do any dancing in Israel other than the occasional foray at a salsa club, and once I’m in LA, I may not have time to get involved in the ballroom community there… I’ll do my best to go out social dancing, but I’m finally realizing that my competition career may be over in ballroom. I’ll be spending all of my time focusing on HUC… which is exciting, but ballroom has been such a big part of my life for the past 5 years that it’ll be hard to let it go. Maybe I’ll find a way to continue teaching, at least, since that can help with the financial situation and keep me dancing all at once. We’ll see.

Then… I packed up and moved back to Georgia. My stuff is mostly sitting in some warehouse in Baltimore at the moment, waiting for enough other shipments coming to the Southeast to be loaded up and delivered here. It should be here before I leave for Israel, which would be best… that way I can help my parents set up the furniture they’re getting from me (like my nice bed for the guest room, the couch for the living room, the bookcases for my dad’s office, and my bar for the basement) and so I can go through the boxes of books and see which ones I want to take with me to Israel. But… who knows. This moving company isn’t exactly the most punctual of companies, so I won’t be too surprised if they’re late… just disappointed. They’ll give me a call when they load up the truck in Baltimore and I’ll get my stuff a day or two later.

Also: Moving sucks.

Artistic representation of me in my apartment before the movers got there.

Artistic representation of me in my apartment before the movers got there.

I don’t know how I accumulated so much crap in the five years I lived in Maryland, but holy crudmonkeys, I own a lot of stuff. In the process of packing up and cleaning up, I donated 5 trash bags of things (clothing, candles, dishes, etc.) between the thrift store and Freecycle (which is awesome, by the way: it’s like donating to people who really want your stuff, but they come and pick it up, so no effort on your part!), and tossed at least as many bags of trash, and recycled four reusable bags’ worth of papers (notebooks, student papers, my old papers, notes, printouts of readings for classes, etc., dating back to freshman year… I don’t know why I thought keeping my notes from Hebrew 111 and LGBT200 would be a good idea five years later), and sold several items on Craigslist and to friends. I mean, I’m a total packrat… but holy mother of whatever, I need to stop that.

All in all, though, I got everything into boxes for the movers, the rest into my car for the drive, and then in the early afternoon on June 25, I sedated the kittens and tossed them into their carriers and fastened them into their seatbelts in the car and hit the road. I pulled an all-nighter the night before to get everything packed away… but I managed it. I lasted all of 15 minutes into the drive before I needed to crack open my first can of iced coffee. (I love Asian grocery store coffee. It’s only $0.59 and so delicious.) But I made it to Route 66, then I-81, and made it to Asheville, NC to crash with my friend Stacie for the night at around midnight. I passed out as soon as I hit the futon… and woke up early on Saturday to load up the car and go the rest of the way to Georgia. I got here around noon; my dad helped me unload the car, and I went to a wedding that night. (Family friend getting remarried.)

We did brunch with my grandparents… and ever since then, I’ve been purging my childhood bedroom. My parents want to turn it into a guest room, which makes sense since I haven’t lived here in 5 years and certainly won’t be around for the next 3 at least… but it’s a little strange. I’ve been going through clothes that I wore ages ago (and wish I still fit into… sigh), books I never got around to reading, old NFTY stuff, art supplies for projects I never finished… and oodles of other things. Again with the packratness… except this time, I have to run everything by my parents before I toss or donate it in case they want to save it for who-knows-what reason.

Usual such conversation:

Me: “Do we really need this?”
Mom: “Save it for our grandchildren!”
Me: “What grandchildren?”
Mom: “Eventually, I mean!”
Me: “Yyyeeeeahhhh, about that…”
Mom: “WHAT? You don’t want kids?!?”
Me: “The jury’s still out on that one, remember?”
Mom: “No, I don’t remember!” (She does, she just doesn’t want to admit that I may not procreate.)
Me: “Yeah… well… hey, Leah’s fertile. Maybe she’ll give you grandbabies eventually.”
Mom: “And she’s better at relationships, so she’ll probably settle down first anyway.”
Me: “Ouch. Love you too, Mom.”
Mom: “Hey, you started it.”

Welcome to my family. Insults are our coins of affection we trade like collector’s items.

But yes, it’s back to Freecycle, Goodwill, recycling bins, and trash bags for me. I dropped off two bags of old clothing this morning, donated a huge box of craft supplies to a family via Freecycle, and I’m working on box #2 to load into my car tomorrow for Goodwill. Excitement all around!

Now, in the realm of actual Israel preparations… I’ve ordered my Israeli cell phone, received all my required textbooks, and made my vet appointment for Zuli. Yup, I’m bringing a cat with me to Israel. She’s going to be a little international kitten. I just have to buy a soft carrier, a travel water bottle, and finish getting the international paperwork filled out.. then pay Delta $200… then she’ll be good to fly across the ocean with me.

I’ll start packing soon, probably, once I make some more headway on cleaning out my room. Oof.

And that’s you’re super-long update for now.

I’d post more pictures but I can’t find my cable to upload them from my camera. I’m sure it’s somewhere in the pile of stuff from my car. I’ll get it eventually.

The Countdown:
Today is June 29, 2010.
I’m in Atlanta.
6 days to leaving for Israel.
7 days to landing in Israel.


~ Rae


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