Posted by: RaeAn | 3 July 2010

Preppy McPrepperson.

It’s late. Don’t expect a more creative title than that for this post. It’s about preparations. Woohoo! Exciting, no? Well, you get to sit through it anyway.

Or not. You can always click the little “x” at the top of the screen and get rid of me. But that’s not as fun for me, so I don’t recommend it.

Preparing for Israel? Yes, I am! Slowly but surely.

– Take Zuli to vet and get her papers straightened out: Check.
– Successfully fax Zuli’s paperwork to Ben Gurion Airport: FAIL. (My dad and I spent 3 hours trying to fax the damn thing, but  it didn’t go through. We’ll try again Sunday morning. [Note to non-Jew readers: Sunday in Israel is a regular workday.])
– Buy good sandals for walking: Check. (On sale, too! I’m such a good Jew. I got the Skechers Tone-Ups for $30. They help with the plantar fasciitis so much. Love ’em already.)
– Upload extra movies to iPhone for plane ride: Check.
– Haircut: Check!
– Jailbreak/unlock iPhone so it’s usable in Israel: Check! (Did it all by myself, too! I feel smart. Since I’ve only done PC programming and hate Apple’s programming style with a smoldering passion. Not quite fiery. But smoldering.)
– Get DVDs of nerdy SciFi TV shows from Dad to pass time while traveling: Check!
– Clean out childhood room of unnecessary stuff: In Progress.
– Pack: Eeeehhh…. maybe tomorrow.

Yeah. I’ll start packing soon. I leave on Monday… it’s Friday night… I have time, right?

It’s getting super-close to this whole Israel thing. I went to Temple tonight with my parents for the first time in a very long time… I got a blessing from Rabbi, along with a couple who will be going to Israel for their first time. Chit-chatted with congregants that I hadn’t seen in years. (Including a little boy that I hadn’t seen since I baby-sat him when he still used a baby bottle. He’s 8 now. Crazy!) I even got the letters signed by Rabbi saying that I’m Jewish. (For the student visa and a work permit, if I choose to get the latter… supposedly they’re not required, but they do make the process easier, and I’m all for easier processes when it comes to Israeli bureaucracy.)

There’s so much more to do, but first on the agenda for now: Sleep.

לילה טוב! / Laila tov! / Good night!

~ Rae



  1. Oh good luck! I’m formulating a plan so as to visit you with Jenn cuz I’m thinking I’m going to change my France plan again (I know…). So hopefully, I’ll see you relatively soon!

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