Posted by: RaeAn | 14 July 2010

Just a Quickie

I’m beat. Thoroughly exhausted. Ayeifah m’od. But I didn’t want to leave my oh-so-loyal readers hanging. I have a long post in my head waiting for you, darlings, but it’ll have to wait for another day. Until then, here are some quickie updates to keep you going.

(Besides, I hear it’s healthier to eat several small snacks rather than a few large meals. Are blog posts not the same? Nu?)

This will be in bullet points because I say so.

  • Friday, I went to the shuk. (Shuk = market.) Mechaneh Yehudah is a beautiful (if claustrophobic) thing on Fridays before Shabbat. More on the shuk later. It warrants its own post, I promise.
  • I cooked a pasta salad for a potluck Shabbat dinner. (Mom, you should be proud. Everyone liked your recipe.)
  • Then I got a little sick. I slept all Shabbat, went to the doctor Sunday morning, got antibiotics, now I’m better. Just tired.
    • Side note: Doctor’s appointment: free, no wait at all. Antibiotics: 8.5 shekalim… which is $2.20. Take that, anti-socialized medicine bastards! It works, dammit! Ha.
  • Monday was a productive day.
    • I opened an Israeli bank account at Bank Discount. (Yep.) They even offered me a credit card so I don’t have to carry cash on me 100% of the time. Success! (Well, partial success, since I can’t effectively use the bank account until my card and checks some in the mail. But, all in due time.)
    • I registered at HUC. (Yeah, I was enrolled, and yeah, I registered for summer classes, but I had to turn in paperwork and pay them for the student activities fee.)
    • I got internet! For my very own! Yaaaay!
    • We had the first orientation at school. Wooooo.
  • Tuesday, we had a full day of orientation, then I went to Tel Aviv to visit my friend Gal. We cooked dinner. It was yummy.
  • I then proceeded to miss the last bus back to Jerusalem so I caught a super-early bus back to Jerusalem this morning. (7 am. Yyyyich.)
  • The bus got me back juuuust barely in time to make my appointment at Misrad haPanim (Ministry of the Interior) to get my student visa. The Israelis there are mean and yelled at me a lot. But I got the visa, so screw them. Na-nah-nah-boo-boo.

Me looking smug with my hard-won student visa. Which, I realized 5 minutes ago, expires a month *before* I leave. So I'll have to get that fixed. But, that is a worry for later times. Israeli bureaucracy is sucky.

  • Then I had breakfast with Tina (another student who went to get her visa with me) and I had my first frozen passionfruit juice drink. Ohmygoodness deliciousness. I forgot how wonderful passionfruit is. Since it grows everywhere here… it’s a wonderful thing.
  • Then more orientation. Today’s topic: Why does HUC send us to Israel for a year? (Basically, why is it important for future leaders of the Reform Jewish community in the Diaspora to spend a year studying in Israel, rather than letting us be with our families/friends/normal support systems in our home countries?) More on this later, too, I’m sure.
  • Then we went to the Tayelet (the promenade… it’s up high on a hill with a great overlook on the whole city of Jerusalem) for prayer, discussion, and whatnot. Just in case you want proof that I’m actually in Jerusalem, here’s a picture, taken by my own camera, of one of the most famous views in the world:

Yes. That is the Dome of the Rock. As viewed from the Tayelet. Taken today. Behold.

  • Then I came home and cooked dinner… and wrote this blog post… and now I’m going to sleep because I had to get up at 5:45 am to catch that stupid bus from Tel Aviv to be back here in time for that stupid visa appointment.

לילה טוב! / Laila tov! / Good night!

~ Rae



  1. Middle eastern bureaucracy is a beyotch, and they can be very curt with you. But, it sounds like you are navigating it very well, and sounds like you’re having a good time in Israel.

  2. I actually know what Laila Tov means! I feel like such a good Jew…So I don’t want to totally get your hopes up, but how do you feel about Jenn and I in mid-March?

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