Posted by: RaeAn | 16 July 2010

Churches and Jerusalem!

We went on a little tiyul (trip) to some churches in Jerusalem… not really for any purpose other than the fact that their grounds are pretty and have good views of Jerusalem and we could sit there and talk about things without anyone bothering us. We went to a Lutheran church on Mt. Scopus (which is also where Hebrew University is), a Greek Orthodox church on the Mount of Olives, and then the park behind HUC. (Not a church, I know, but whatevs.)

I also took out my camera and fiddled around with aperture and the manual settings a bit, so I got some decent shots! The whole album is here:

But some highlights are below!

A classmate's son plays on Mt. Scopus, overlooking East Jerusalem (the Arab half)

Proof that I didn't just filch all my Dome of the Rock pictures from elsewhere -- I was actually there! Taken on the Mount of Olives.

Pretty picture, or political statement? Up to you...

Some Haredim (ultra-Orthodox Jews) pray at a gravesite on the Mount of Olives, which is, as it happens, the most expensive place in the world to be buried.

Interesting fact: The Mount of Olives is called such because in the story of Noah, when he sent out a dove to search for land, the time that the dove brought back an olive branch, it was from a tree at the top of this mountain. It’s the highest point in Jerusalem, so it would be the one to remain dry in the flood. It is said that all olives in the world are descended from this olive tree, since all others had drowned in the flood; therefore, all olives in Israel (and anywhere else) hearken back to the story of Noah and this very hillside. However, the hillside was turned into a cemetery. So it’s less green and more stone, now.

The Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives.

A small portion of the future Reform Jewish leaders of the world.

That’s all for now. We have services tonight, and hopefully something fun & social… then tomorrow is Shabbat, and on Sunday I start classes. I got into Kitah Dalet (level 4 out of 5) for Ulpan, so we’ll see how that goes!

Also, if you want to Skype with me at some point, let me know! I’m on whenever I’m home, so we can either chat, talk, or video-chat whenever. Just drop me a line!

Shabbat Shalom,

~ Rae



  1. Even in fourth grade it was very clear that you were destined to do amazing things. I feel very fortunate that I ran into you at the vet’s so that I get to hear about your adventures.
    Mrs. Olitsky

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