Posted by: RaeAn | 27 July 2010

Gan Mirpeset!

So, I have a huge balcony.

This is my balcony. And the picture doesn't even do it justice. It's big. Huge. Ginormous. A being of its own accord. Love it.

It’s a beautiful thing, and the primary reason I wanted this apartment. It’s fairly sunny out there for a large portion of the day, so I’ve gone sunbathing on there once already, with plans to do so again… but I was thinking that it’s a big space, and I may as well make it work for me.

If it’s gonna sit outside all day, it may as well grow me food, right? I dreamed of a גן מרפסת (gan mirpeset / balcony garden) but haven’t had the time, money, or know-how to find a place that sells the necessary supplies.

But then, today, as I searched for a school-supply store to buy colored notecards to make flashcards for Ulpan (I color-code by part of speech because I’m nerdy like that), I stumbled upon a plant guy on Ben Yehuda Street.

And so today, my dream of having my own balcony-vegetable-garden has begun to formulate into reality:

The cornerstone of my Gan Mirpeset! I think I'll name him Charlie. Only because that sounds similar to chili and I'm tired so that's the best he's gonna get right now.

The guy assured me that the chilis are edible, but they are “חזק מאוד” (chazak m’od / very strong) and I shouldn’t eat them alone. I assured him that I intend to use them in my Indian cooking, and found out that I should water it every other day and put it somewhere where it’s not going to get too much sun. (His exact words were “חצי חצי” which means “half and half,” so I put the pot on a section of the balcony that goes into the shade most times except about 8 am to 2 pm.)

I usually have a horrible brown thumb. No green-growing capabilities whatsoever. But I’m determined to not kill this one. If you know me at all, you know how much I love my hot peppers. Mmm.

In other news: I decided to teach a salsa lesson in Hebrew tomorrow for my “sichah” (presentation). So now I’m off to look up dance words in Hebrew. (Ech omrim “cucaracha”?) I’ll also be studying for the first Hebrew test of the year. I already made flashcards.

...and you can see how thrilled I am to be studying from them.

Pink are nouns… green are verbs… and blue are adjectives. I’m just that special.

Off to study! Maybe I’ll even make something with my new delicious chilis once I make some headway on the studying and sichah preparation…


~ Rae



  1. Yofi! Yofi! May Charlie have a long and healthy life, of course I also kill everything so goooood luck!!

  2. Hey pretty lady! That looks LOVELY. Wish I could come visit, your balcony is amazing! If it were mine I’d set up an easel and do some outdoor painting, it looks perfect for it. Looks like you should have a great balcony garden. 🙂

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