Posted by: RaeAn | 19 September 2010

Wait, people read this thing?

Hey, neat piece of news: people read me!

First off, I hit a record high in hits per day the other day… which is sort of intimidating because that means more people read my Yom Kippur letter than anything else, but hey, I wrote it to be read, so thanks for reading!

But even more interesting: a completely unrelated blog mentioned and quoted me. It’s called “Religion and State in Israel,” and I’ll 100% admit that I had never heard of it until my blog stats told me they linked to me so I haven’t perused it to ascertain its political/ideological leanings. I just got excited about the mention and quote. The blog describes itself as a “weekly review of media coverage on issues of religion and state in Israel,” supposedly “not affiliated with any organization or movement,” but any of us with brains know even the most “impartial” sources are no such thing… so make your own opinions on this.

But nonetheless, my discussion of my visit to the Kotel (the Western Wall) on Rosh Chodesh Elul and the horrible treatment we, as women, received there made the week’s list about two-thirds of the way down. They for some reason felt the need to capitalize my entire name (it’s “Rae,” people, as in short for “Rachel”), but I can let that slide. Just hit “find” (Ctrl+F) and type in “RAE Opinion” and it’ll jump to me. Also, my classmate Brian’s blog is linked right above mine — kinda neat that two HUC students made the list in one sitting!

Yeah, it’s about a month old, but I just noticed it, so sue me for being busy. I’m in grad school here.

Also, if you look at Brian’s post right above mine on there, he has a video which I never knew existed from that day. You can hear the crazy angry Orthodox man ranting and hear us praying on the right and see our supportive boys being zoomed in on for a bit on the left… and yes, the crazy angry man ranted like that the whole hour we were there. I wonder how he didn’t lose his voice.

The video is right here, too:

Homework is calling, but I hope you had an easy fast and a meaningful Yom Kippur! I know I did, but I have too much reading on Second Temple History to detail it now. It will happen, though!

I also just re-found my music folder with the GLEE soundtrack. That will most definitely be the background for this homework session. Think Second Temple History and GLEE don’t mix? Think again. It’s happening, right here, right now. I got my headphones, I got my green highlighter, and I’m rockin’ out to Lea Michelle and Co. (GLEE returns in two days! Which means in three I can use my much-loved Megavideo membership to see it! So excited. Don’t know what GLEE is? Shame on you. But find out here. It’s the only TV show, along with Castle and The Daily Show, that I bother following.)

Laila tov!

~ Rae

EDIT: PS, Why on earth would I be the first one in the “links” section on this page? I don’t get it. Weeeeird. Entertainment news + my personal shenanigans in Israel? Odd mix. Ha.



  1. Mazal tov! Isn’t that exciting when you find out people read you? Joel of Religion and State is a friend of mine….a lot of people read his blog probably. If you write him, drop my name.

    • Ohh, wait, then I totally lied when I said I’ve never heard of his blog before. I think I remember clicking to it from yours at some point. It would be more accurate to say I haven’t visited it often enough to make any judgments on it… but maybe I’ll drop by a few time now and see what it’s about between history readings. And maybe poke him to let him know that my name isn’t quite important enough to be in *all* caps. 😉

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