Posted by: RaeAn | 27 March 2011

Time for the Three P’s…

So I had lunch with my former cantor a little over a week ago, just before Purim (yet another one of those Jewish holidays with a “They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat!” theme behind it), and he said when he was at HUC, that time of year began what he called the Three P’s:




Apparently, once you hit the first of the Three P’s, time just swooshes by and holy snap, just like that, you’re back in the US.

And hoo boy. If the past week since Purim is any indication, I’m scared I’ll get whiplash from how fast this time is going to go by.

So I spent Purim running around between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv depending on where the fun things to do happened to be at any given point in time. I had some chill time with a good friend on Thursday and Friday nights, then spent Saturday and Sunday at a gay Purim party and a Progressive Judaism Megillah reading, respectively. (Megillah = the scroll we read on Purim that tells the story of the holiday. Also known as the Book of Esther.) Also, I spent time with Gal, which is always something I look forward to during the week. I know, it’s mushy. You can throw tomatoes at me later.

Then, right after Purim ended, my friends Jenn and Beth flew in to visit me for a week! They’re leaving tomorrow, but it seems like they just landed yesterday. We went to the shuk, Ben Yehuda Street, the Old City (twice), Tel Aviv, and they were able to get to Bethlehem today while I was in class. Beth is about to move to Paris for three months before she starts grad school at NYU, and Jenn wanted to go with her for a little bit just to travel some… and they figured they could stop in Israel for a week before moving on to France. Also, Jenn works in a Pirate bar. Sometimes I wonder how I can expect to compete with people whose lives are so interesting. I mean, living in Israel is pretty exciting and all, but Paris and Pirates are also exciting. There are some more P’s for you.

Oh, yeah, and yet another lovely P in this country: Pigua!

Pigua (pronounced pee-GOO-ah) translates to “attack,” but it’s used in reference to any act of terror committed in Israel. The first time Jenn, Beth, and I were in the Old City, last Wednesday, a bomb went off across the street from the Central Bus Station. That’s only about 20 minutes’ walk from my apartment, but we were in an entirely different part of the city, so we were perfectly fine and in no danger whatsoever.

There are also articles with real news about the pigua, if you want. Oh, and beyond that, there were also almost a dozen rockets tossed over into Israel within a day of the bombing. There are so many things wrong with Arab-Israeli relations right now that I don’t even know where to begin… so instead, I’ll just move on. But overall, don’t worry, I’m okay, everyone I know is okay, all HUC students are okay, and while we might be stressed out by such things, we can’t let it affect daily life or else the jerkwads in charge of these things win. So yes, it’s still perfectly safe for me to be here, just as safe as it was last week, so please don’t get any grey hairs over me. Really.

But after those shenanigans on Wednesday, Jenn, Beth, and I went to Tel Aviv on Thursday for some relaxing and partying in that city with Gal and his friends. We even had Shabbat dinner on the beach at sunset on Friday night, which was pretty awesome, and went up to Azraeli Tower to see the gorgeous view at sunset on Saturday night.

So gorgeous. Thanks a million to Gal for the ideas to go there!

And today, they went to Bethlehem, and I met them in the Old City a second time to go on a tour of the Western Wall tunnels. I’d done the tour before with my mom and sister, but there was some different info the second time around, so it was pretty neat. We then got food and stopped by a little food and wine festival that we stumbled upon on our way out of the city… then we decided to stop spending money, so we went back to my place to hang out with my friend Emily and drink wine because that’s what 4 girls in their mid-twenties do on a Sunday night when they’re sitting around a table in candlelight. (The power went out for a little, I lit candles, but decided to keep them burning even after Megan got the power back on because I like the ambiance and I’m just girly like that, so there.)

And now, I’m off to bed because it’s late here, I have class tomorrow, and Beth and Jenn leave tomorrow for France. Jenn will spend a week in France and go back to the US; Beth will be there for a little while longer.

Also, scarily enough, Passover is in 3 weeks. In 60 days, I leave Israel. Time flies when you’re having fun. Or when you’re stressed. I wholly expect the next two months to be full of both situations. Derek is coming to visit me in 2 weeks, then I’ll be spending Passover in Europe, then I spend as much time as I can with the people I’ll miss when I leave Israel and seeing the things I want to do before I go (like the Biblical Zoo — I still haven’t been!), then I’ll be moving to LA with a cat and whatever stuff I can fit into a suitcase. (Or three.) I think I found a sublet for the summer, which would be a huge relief to have that set — honestly, moving to California kinda makes me nervous. I’ve only been in LA for a grand total of 36 hours in my life (not including NFTY Convention, which was inside a hotel the whole time, so not really in LA, per se) so I have no idea if I’ll like it there. But only time will tell, right?

And with that, I’m off to bed. Before I go, though, here’s a little post-Purim treat for you:

I have a soft spot for cute singing Jewish boys. Maybe that’s why I’m dating one of those types right now. But the Maccabeats have some good eye and ear and Jew candy for you all.

Oh, one more thing: Israel switches the clocks on Thursday night for Sha’on Kayitz (summer time, aka Daylight Savings Time in the US). So starting Friday morning, we’ll be back on the 7-hours-ahead-of-the-East-Coast situation as opposed to the 6 we have right now. Just in case you were thinking about Skyping me sometime. 😉

Laila tov, all!

~ Rae



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