Posted by: RaeAn | 30 March 2011

Hello Again!

“Only three days between posts?” you say — “Are you sick?”

Yes. Yes, I am. I have a lovely little bout of food poisoning. Luckily, the doctor says it’s not a big one and I’ll be fine in a day. But in the meantime, I’m bored and okay with procrastinating enough to write a post.

So, Jenn and Beth have left the country and are currently in France, which means I’m no longer playing tour guide (well, until Derek comes on April 6!) and back to school stuff it is.

Oh, since I forgot to post any pictures from Purim itself, here are some! I went as Catwoman. You can’t see in the pictures very well, but I have thigh-high boots and a fake black whip. Teehee.


Me on Purim. I like the mask a lot. Well, I did until it broke in my purse... thankfully, it waited until Purim was over to break.

Chuck waves emphatically at the Purim moon. I like this photo even though it has nothing to do with Purim other than the fact that I shot it right before we went into the gay Purim party in Talpiyot.

Some friends of mine: Jessica (we met at the Jerusalem Open House), Deb (went to UMD with me and made Aliyah), Esther (Deb's roommate here), me, and Sarah (also went to UMD with me and made Aliyah). I love Purim ridiculousness.

Yay Purim!

Also, at some point, a few weeks ago, I bought another plant. Remember Charlie the Chili Plant?

Well, he used to look like this:


Charlie the Chili Plant, all pretty and new...

Well, I suck at keeping plants alive, so today, he looks a little less perky:


He didn't last very long. RIP Charlie the Chili Plant.

But I bought a mini orange plant, and I was determined not to kill this one so fast. A month in, and I think she’s lasted long enough to get a name: Olivia the Orange Tree!

She's all pretty! And still green! And the oranges are getting ripe! (And they're delicious, by the way -- totally edible.) Check out the one hiding behind its friend on the bottom there... that will be absolutely delicious in two days. Yum.

I think the fact that I put Olivia in a place where she gets the right amount of sun (a little, but not a lot) and where I’ll actually remember to water her sometimes… those help with her staying-alive mission. I don’t have a totally brown thumb after all! (So far………)

— — — — —

Yesterday, I was able to rally my strength enough despite being sick to be on a panel at Hebrew University. There’s a class there for some of the Masa grant recipients who are there on an education grant. It’s for students who study abroad in Israel and are interested in Jewish education. So I spoke to them along with two professionals, a rabbi and a former Jewish school administrator, who are both here doing a fellowship on Jewish education for mid-career professionals. Seems pretty neat. So I told the students about the Jewish Education program at HUC, how I chose to go there, what I plan to do with my life, and so on.

The thing I love most about being on panels is that it makes me get my thoughts together, and when it comes to what I want to do with my life, that’s a good thing to make me do every once in a while. Things get clearer to me when I explain them to other people — that’s one of the major reasons why I’m going into education: the teacher learns just as much as the students. And I love learning. (Yup, I’m a nerd. I’m comfortable with that.) So if teaching is the best way to learn, that’s what I plan to do… I really hope I could offer some useful insights for the students I spoke with. There was a girl there from Atlanta who is at UMD majoring in Jewish Studies — sounds familiar, right? — and we chatted a bit, played a little Jewish geography, and talked about options in the field of Jewish Education. Most of the students are my sister’s age, mostly juniors in college, and I enjoyed speaking with them. I also was able to make connections with the other panelists and the panel coordinator, who emailed me a resource that could help a lot with my thesis/curriculum that I’ll be doing at HUC, if I do it on the subject I’m thinking about doing it on (Jewish sex and diversity education for K-12 students). It’s a bit early in the HUC game to have that set yet, so we’ll see what the future brings. But even if I don’t do my thesis on the subject, it’s one I’m very much interested in, so the person he recommended I connect with could be good for me regardless.

Also, while I was on Hebrew U’s campus, I stumbled on a used book sale, with books under 30 shekels. (About $7.) I got several books that I’m super-excited about: a book on theories of learning, one on the sociology of single-parent family formations, one on gender and social power, one on Jewish national identity in Israel (in Hebrew), and one on the siddur and Jewish liturgy by Steinsaltz (also in Hebrew). Basically, I’m a Jewish education and feminism nerd. But if you know me at all, you already knew that. 😉

— — — — —

I also finally have my Passover break plans set! (Well, mostly, at least.) I’ll be spending a few days in Amsterdam, doing seder there probably (let me know if you know anyone in Amsterdam that might have a place for me at their seder, or who might know someone who would!), then heading to Copenhagen to see my sister and parents. We’ll go to Sweden at some point to see my cousins, who live in Gothenburg, and then I’ll fly back to Tel Aviv with a day to relax before classes start again. I’m excited to see Europe and my family again! (And I haven’t seen my dad since July, since he couldn’t make it on the trip when my mom and sister were here in January.) So Passover should be a good time. 🙂

And here’s a pretty Jerusalem flower because spring is starting here!


It's so pretty! And it was on my path home from school. Yay!

Unfortunately, with spring beauty comes spring allergies. I’m not enjoying those much. Yich.

But yes. Those are some random updates. I’m going to try to enjoy the rest of my sick-day and hope I can get to school tomorrow.

Have a good weekend!

~ Rae



  1. Hey Sweetie! Are you open to allowing a guest post to help raise awareness for Single Mommies in need we would contribute to your outlet? You got a great blog and it would help us at big time. :o) Let us know at

    • Sure! I’ll send you an email — I don’t get that much traffic, mostly friends and family, so I’m not sure how much of a help my blog would be, but I’m always up for networking with other bloggers, especially for causes I agree with. I definitely think single-parent families are often misunderstood and society makes life much harder for them than it should.

      I also write once a month for a blog on family-related politics here in Israel,, and if you have any ideas for blog posts on single-parent families, I’d love to chat with someone about it. I’m already working on my April post, but my May post could be focused on single-parent families.

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