Posted by: RaeAn | 14 May 2011

Hello, Exam Week.

Nice to see you’re finally here. Now, please be gentle, and leave as quickly as possible. Thanks.

So yes, it’s officially final exam week: the last Shabbat of the school year has just come to a close here in Jerusalem and the stress on campus is almost palpable. (Well, technically we have one more Shabbat together, but it’s after exams are over, so I’m counting it as the first Shabbat of next school year because my brain likes that better.)

For my eight classes this semester, I have 3 papers and 5 exams… all of the papers are done (I just need to do a final run-through edit of 2 of them) and the exams start Monday morning. Liturgy, then Hebrew, then Late Antiquities, then Bible, then Grammar. I’m not looking forward to any of the above. It’s going to be a painfully stressful week — but soon, it will be over, and on Thursday at 11:30 am Jerusalem time, I’ll officially be a second-year HUC student! Then I get to celebrate by going to the class Beit Cafe and a little get-together at a friend’s apartment, then I pack up and head out to Tel Aviv to spend my last few days in Israel with Gal and to relax.

I leave for the US on May 26, so if you’re in Israel and want to see me before I leave, that’s your deadline! Call or email or something. We’ll find a time to hang out.

I arrive in the US on May 27, so if you’re in Georgia and want to see me, you have from then until June 6 to see me, and contact me about that and we’ll figure something out. I have a grand total of five things on my To-Do list for my 10 days in Georgia (1. Doctor, 2. Dentist, 3. Haircut, 4. Unpack, 5. Repack), so the rest of my time can be spent being social or relaxing by the neighborhood pool with a good book (or you!).

If you’re in LA or know someone in LA, also contact me — I don’t know anyone in the city except the portion of my classmates who will also be going to the LA campus, most of whom won’t be there until fall semester starts in August, and I’ll be looking for a social life at some point! šŸ˜‰ I’ll be there from June 7ish until… 2013, basically, since I’m in the year-round program so I don’t even get summers off. Woohoo.

Since I’m sure someone is curious (no one ever comments on this blog, but I get a ton of hits on it every day — even when I don’t actually post anything new, which is weird, but still pretty neat — and people always bug me to keep updating, so I know someone will want to know who hasn’t already asked me about this), yes, the boy and I are splitting up when I leave the country. He can’t come to the US, and I can’t stay here. We’ve decided it’s the best for both of us, and it’s been a wonderful year with him, and I’ll miss him terribly… but the memories are only good, and life is taking us in different directions, so the world will keep on turning. Don’t expect me to be happy about it right when I get back, but I’m doing my best to enjoy the little time we have left together here. Hence the spending the last few days in Tel Aviv so I get maximum boy-exposure before the big metal bird takes me home. šŸ™‚

However, he will be battling some rather serious health issues over the next few months, perhaps even longer — so if you’re the praying type, I know I’d really appreciate it if you kept him in your prayers (Gal ben Baruch / גל בן ב×Øוך)… he’s not really religious, so he might call me as soon as he sees this update to yell at me for putting this up, but I figure we’ll take any brownie points we can get with the Big Guy in the Sky with the hopes that everything goes well for him. It’s not my place to post any more details than this, but his family might start a financial campaign for his treatments soon — I’ll keep you updated on such if and when that starts so we can help the boy who has been so good to me this year and has helped me navigate the complexities of living in Israel in a way I never would have been able to had I not had him in my life.

Well… I guess that’s enough procrastinating for now. I can only write so much before I feel guilty about neglecting school work. (Darn work ethic — it’s so annoying sometimes!) Back to translating more liturgy. Some of this stuff we’re supposed to say in prayer every day? It’s kinda weird. Whoever wrote some of these must have been on something that wouldn’t be legal nowadays. Also, none of them would pass a grammar exam today. Stupid rabbinic Hebrew. It’s dumb. But I have to know it anyway, so off I go! (Then, probably, some Late Antiquities review, unless I fall asleep on the siddur. Again. Oops.)

Oh, also, I’ll be writing an essay that connects Star Trek with something we’ve learned in Liturgy class. My nerdity knows no bounds. But it’s a FANTASTIC connection and I get all giggly when I think about it. (For the Trekkies out there, it’s TNG season 3… but I’m not giving away which episode yet!) I’ve started the essay, but I want to get it just right before I put it out there. Plus, this way, if I’m ever asked to deliver a sermon for a service at a Star Trek convention, I’ll totally be prepared. šŸ˜‰

Hope all is well with everyone! I’m sorry I suck at updating often enough, but HUC doesn’t give us much time to rest, so this blog has been a little dead recently. I might not have another chance to post until after finals, so to all of my classmates, בהצלחה!

See you on the other side!

~ Rae



  1. Good luck and Godspeed! You’ll do great, and also: take a nap, then fire the missile.

  2. Dear Rae:
    By the way, change my email address on your blog since I won’t be at TS much longer. Today was the last Sunday, too weird for words. I wish I had a job, that would make me feel much better. My condolences on leaving Israel, I know it must be hard. Nissia Tova on my trip and all good things for the coming year. I don’t plan on getting to LA any time soon but I do have family there and will probably be back that way at some point so make sure to keep in touch. Big hug and congrats on the first year!!! So amazing of you!!!

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