Posted by: RaeAn | 11 July 2011

I’m alive! I promise!

Okay, it’s been a month since I last posted, so I owe you one. Sorry about that. It’s been a crazy month!

Classes are taking up the vast majority of my time. I’m taking 5 classes: Medieval Jewish History, Organizational Development, Evolution & Structure of the American Jewish Community, Experiential Education, and Introduction to Jewish Communal Institutions. Plus, there’s this Lunch & Learn thing every Tuesday, but I’m auditing that one (thank goodness — I would not be dealing well if I had to do work for yet another class!). The Lunch & Learn is all about Jewish philanthropy work… which I know in theory I need to be aware of, but it doesn’t interest me. At all. It’s a little painful. But I manage, and I hear from some big wigs in the field, and then I move on with my Tuesday. Organizational Development is also a slightly painful course, but I think that’s a combination of several factors that can’t really be helped (class size, the fact that it used to be a 2nd-year-only class and now we 1st-years are in it too so we don’t have the background knowledge that the 2nd-years have, and the fact that I just find the topic dull to begin with). Otherwise, I’m really liking the rest. The professor for Evolution & Structure was my mom’s professor, too, back in the day — and one of her favorites, at that, and I see why. He’s a pretty neat guy.

The Introduction to Jewish Communal Institutions class is what we affectionately call “Wacky Wednesday”: every Wednesday, we drive around to 6ish different Jewish nonprofits in the LA area and hear from some staff members there. It’s been interesting, but oh-so-exhausting… Wednesday nights are pretty much dead to me after that. Makes fitting in the homework for Thursday a it difficult. But, worth it overall, I think.

And Experiential Ed is the most closely related to what I want to do professionally, so that’s been great. We just had our first paper due last week; we had to pick a philosopher or theorist from any other field and connect it to experiential education. Being the former LGBT Studies student that I am, I picked Judith Butler, one of the most preeminent gender theorists out there, and connected her theory of gender performativity to experiential education.

I just got the paper back with all positive comments — yay for me! I think it’s pretty awesome. You can read it, if you want. I’m actually kind of proud of this one.

(That link goes to the Google Doc with the paper.)

Otherwise, I’m still working on settling into life in LA and looking for an apartment. I found a roommate, Sarah, who’s in the Nonprofit Management program with me (she’s not in ed, though, so at least one sane person will be in the apartment!). But we’re confident we’ll find a good place soon.

I finally got to my first dance lesson here, too! CalTech has technique lessons on Sundays all summer, so I went to Pasadena to check one of those out. Had a pretty intense Cha Cha technique lesson, which was good, but also exhausting after so long not dancing. I’ll try to keep going this summer since the lessons are affordable and Pasadena is pretty anyway. We’ll see how many times I actually feel like making the 30-minute drive, though. 🙂

Also, my kippah business is starting to take shape a little more formally: I booked a domain and ordered business cards and everything. The domain doesn’t seem to be redirecting correctly at the moment, but once it is, I’ll post a link to it!

[EDIT: It’s working now! Check it out: ]

I also got a shiny new laptop! My old one broke. Just the casing — the computer itself still works. But it was no good for carrying around anymore, and fixing it would have cost almost as much as a new one. So, Dad bought me a new one during one of’s one-day sales (thanks, Dad!) and I’m liking it a lot: wide-screen, built-in webcam, mic, and SD card slot, and came with Windows 7 already installed. Sometimes it’s nice to get some shiny new toys every once in a while. 🙂

And… I think that’s it for now. Honestly, life has been pretty boring since I got to LA. Mostly filled with school, homework, and the occasional venture out to find something I need to get in this town, but I spend most of my evenings at home doing work. I’ve turned into a boring old person. But alas, so it goes!

Off to more homework… hope everyone is doing well! Maybe I’ll even update again sometime before a month passes.


~ Rae


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