The important dates in my timeline for my journey for my time in Israel. The farther away dates are simply pulled from the academic calendar — as dates get closer, I’ll update details with exact plans! (Such as when certain people visit, or where I’ll be going during breaks, etc.)

June 21, 2010: Last day at work on Capitol Hill
June 25, 2010: Move my stuff and myself to Georgia; commence spending time with family and friends.
July 5, 2010: Fly to Israel
July 6, 2010: Land in Israel
July 12-17, 2010: Orientation
July 18, 2010: Ulpan classes start
August 27-31, 2010: Break
September 1, 2010: First day of fall classes
September 8-11, 2010: Rosh Hashana break
September 17-18: Yom Kippur break
September 22-October 1: Sukkot break
October 19-21: Galilee/Golan trip
December 27-30: Exams
December 31-January 15: Semester break
January 16: First day of spring semester
February 2-5: Colloquium
February 16-19: South Trip
March 6-10: Ride for Reform
Match 18-21: Purim Break
March 20: Purim (outside of Jerusalem)
March 21: Purim (inside Jerusalem)
March 21-28: Jenn & Beth visit me!
April 6-10: Derek visits me!
April 15-16: Passover Break (I’ll be in Europe!)
April 18-26: Passover
May 2: Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)
May 9: Yom HaZikaron (Israeli Memorial Day)
May 10: Yom HaAtzmaut (Israeli Independence Day)
May 16-19: Exams
May 27: Flight to the US
May 28: Land in the US
June 5: Move to LA
June 8: Retreat for school


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